DARWIN aims to co-develop a pioneering detection strategy by integrating targeted analytical PCR-based methods, untargeted sequencing methods, and digital solutions.

A new generation of innovative and reliable DNA-based analytical detection methods is meant to be developed.

Ranging from enhanced PCR methods for NGT detection, identification and quantification in single and multi-target systems, to untargeted sequencing methods related to whole-genome sequencing, laser capture microdissection-based sequencing and high throughput metagenomics sequencing for NGT screening and characterization.

DARWIN will bring a cutting-edge approach developing genetic fingerprints using artificial intelligence to overcome challenges related to event-specific targeted methods, unambiguously identifying specific NGT lines.

In line with the European Commission’s Farm-to-Fork Strategy, presented as part of the European Green Deal, DARWIN will set technical validation procedures, contributing to produce policy and governance recommendations for a more transparent food/GMO legislation.



DARWIN will contribute to innovation-based growth developing AI and ML tools for detection methods with DNA targets identified as well as digital solutions for plant-based products derived from NGTs in the food chain system. Detection and identification of these product will become more reliable and rapid (detection time will decrease from 4 to 1,5 hours, >60%).


The DARWIN digital platform will allow innovative and high-quality knowledge to be shared which will serve as advice for governments, analytical laboratories, and food industry. This dataspace will ensure traceability and transparency in the food system. DARWIN will also deliver protocols for method standardization and transferability towards other species than the two DARWIN case studies (rice and tomatoes).


In line with the European Commission’s Farm-to-Fork Strategy, presented as part of the European Green Deal, DARWIN will drive social innovation both in terms of consumers’ choices and legislation.
DARWIN will indeed develop new labelling approaches in the agri-food system to meet EU policy goals, respond to global challenges and ensure traceability and transparency across food chain. These are key aspects for consumers to make better informed choices.
Also, DARWIN will contribute to GMOs EU legislation by protecting human and animal health standards.


DARWIN will foster effectiveness of NGT products’ market control and favour job places creating a new generation of specialists in detection methods and digital solutions.